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Typo Generator For Domain Names

Dir Domain is a typo domain name generator and domain name directory in one. Every domain name or website URL that you will enter will automatically generator all potential domain name typos for that specific domain and will even suggest typos based on the typos it already listed. The domain names that got entered in the past (and related typos) will automatically be saved in our database to give you and other visitors the possibility to search based on domain name keywords beside website URLs to find the typos that you need.
What are typos?
Typos are typographical errors or mistakes made while typing. Common typos are switching letters like Goolge.com instead of Google.com, missing certain characters while typing like Facebok.com instead of Facebook.com or hitting two keys at once like Reddiot.com instead of Reddit.com. There can be multiple reasons for making typos but the most common ones are hand and/or finger placement, thicker fingers and lack of concentration while writing text or domain names.
Why should I use Dir Domain?
Dir Domain tries to give users a detailed analysis for each website URL or domain name they enter. Our tool generates all possible typos (wrong keys, missed letters or numbers or swapped characters) based on the QWERTY keyboard layout. The QWERTY keyboard layout is the most used layout for computers and smartphones which will result in the most typed typos when it comes to domain names.

The typo generator of Dir Domain will take each letter or number from a URL and will show all potential typos for that specific URL. The typo generator won't include domain extensions while generating the typos.

The typo generator is basically limitless but won't increase the amount of characters within the domain name and will only give natural typo suggestions from keys that are physical attached to the specific character on QWERTY keyboards. Every key has 5 potential typos on average which would result in around 30 typos for a domain name with 6 characters.